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NSS of North America
Convention Global NSS Meet

“Holding Together, Leading Nairs”
October 5 thru 8, 2012

Hosted by NSS of North Texas at MANNAM NAGAR

Marriot Hotel, 7200 Bishop Rd , Plano, TX 75024


REGISTER ONLINE at www.healartfully.com

Participating leaders from India

NSS of North America was formed to bring together all Nair organizations in North America and Canada under an umbrella. Nair organizations from New York, Philadelphia, Canada, Houston, Dallas and Washington DC met in New York in 2010 to form Nair Service Society of North America with a mission, “To bring together all Nairs living in and around North America to conduct, coordinate, and promote activities directed to preserve the unity, culture and traditions of the Nair community and the further the fellowship among the Nair families and enhance the resources in uplifting and sustaining the economic and intellectual growth of the North American Nair Community”.

Global Nair Meet, to be held every two years, will provide the venue for members from all over the world to gather and review the activities and plan for the next two years. The First Biennial Global Convention will be held in Dallas, Texas from October 5th to 8th which will be attended by many dignitaries and delegates from all over the world.

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 NSS of North America Convention and Global Nair Meet to be held during October 5th - 8th 2012, is expected to bring hundreds of delegates from all over the world to attend including professionals like Doctors, Engineers, IT professionals, Academicians and Business people and a number of CEO’s from US, India and Middle East. Organizing committee is coordinating various Seminars and Plenary sessions catering to the needs of these delegates. Global Nair CEO Meet(Bringing together all Nair Entrepreneurs across the world) and other socio professional meets will be highlight of all three days. We invite all community members for the event and make it grand success. 

First ever Global Nair Marriage Alliance Meet has already become the highlight of the meet with prospective parents and Nair youth showing great interest to come meet and use this venue to understand each other and form possible alliances. Conference committee is also getting the astrology support to these and other parents with the help of Well-known astrology expert Sri. Kanippayyoor Narayanan Nampoothiri and Sri. Kanippayyoor Krishnan Nampoothiri. 

Global Nair Widow Pension and Global Nair Student Scholarships which has been done by many individual associations will come under the Global umbrella to provide more reach and resource to needy in Kerala and around the world.







First ever Global Nair Meet


Meet Greet fellow Nair families

Matrimony Alliance Meet

Women’s Forum Business Forum

Business Franchise Seminar

Education Career Guidance Seminar

Sports Arts Competitions

Immigration Awareness Seminar

BhagavadGeetha Daily Life

Tourism Pilgrimage

Widow Pension

Education Scholarship

Star/Music night

Entertainment programs

Thiruvathira Competitions


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NSS convention News updates listed below :


Globalnssmatrimony.com open for registration.


Online registration for convention started.