President's Message

I am extremely proud and profoundly happy to share the news that the first ever North American NSS Conference and Global NSS Meet is going to be held in Dallas, Texas from October 5th to 8th of 2012. Members and leaders of the Nair community from America, Canada and around the Globe are coming together at Dallas, Texas to demonstrate their commitment to the future of the Nair community. The three day conference will discuss the current issues faced by Nairs living in and outside Kerala.

The social traditions of the Nairs and their ancestors have all revolved around agriculture and agricultural lands. However that is now history. We have moved away from our traditional professions and have found success in business and entrepreneurship. It is time to pass this route to success on, to encourage fellow Nairs to seize business opportunities and become successful business men.

It is sad and shameful to see intellectual youngsters from our community being denied advancements in professional education due to a scarcity in Nair owned professional institutions. It is heart wrenching to know many intelligent Nair students, in their prime, are discontinuing their education due to financial difficulties and it is absolutely distressing to witness aged Nair women living in poor conditions due to their inability to buy even their medication. They definitely deserve our mercy.

Though Nairs settled outside of Kerala face minimal financial issues, there are other social challenges they are faced with. Finding a suitable matrimonial alliance for Nair boys and girls settled outside India is nothing short of a nightmare. We lack networking amongst ourselves. Leveraging the electronic and social media to help build our network is the need of the hour. The lack of a medium and a platform to communicate among the Nair members has stalled our community’s growth. Even our charitable and philanthropic activities are on a standstill, due to lack of visionaries and leaders amongst Nairs outside Kerala.
With so many symptoms of our community’s deteriorating health staring at our face, how can we turn a blind eye to it? Our problems may be many and our challenges numerous but together we can find a way out. This conference is our first step towards it.

I would be delighted and honored if you would treat this as a personal invitation and join us with your family at the conference. Far away from home, we are trying to establish our roots here and your presence will only enrich the event. There will be fun and games, entertainment and laughter but beyond all that the event will mark our togetherness, the beginning of our road to success. With your support we can do it. I look forward to seeing you all there.
With Love and Prayers

K.G. Manmadhan Nair
President, Global NSS & NSS of North America

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16-Aug-2012 open for registration.


Online registration for convention started.