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The late Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan founded The Nair Service Society, on 31 – 10 – 1914, a synonym for selfless service and social commitment. He established NSS (Nair Service Society) at a crucial stage in the history of the Nair community who were facing a crisis brought about by disunity and blind adherence to outmoded customs, beliefs and practices. Nair community had a glorious past, but ignorance accumulated over centuries, reinforced by lack of proper education, proved disastrous for their community. Nair community’s predilection for celebrations and its penchant for ceremonial occasions fuelled by a strong affinity towards profligacy and extravaganza, contributed to the decline and downfall of this community. Gradual loss of land holdings, under-employment and unemployment due to lack of modern education completed the process of disintegration. It was at this juncture that Sri. Mannathu Padmanabhan took the initiative to unite the members of the Nair community and vitalize the disintegrated community under the organization “ The Nair Service Society”. He inspired them and gave them a dream, a dream of liberation from poverty, misery and ignorance. He set up hundreds of units of the N.S.S in his own unique way. With his persistence, tireless efforts, vision and farsightedness, the N.S.S opened an array of educational institutions, hospitals and other socially beneficial institutions all over the state.

Nair Bhrithya Jana Sangham On 31 October 1914 (15-3-1090) Sri Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai and thirteen others of his Nair community associates founded the “Nair Bhrithya Jana Sangham” at Mannathu House, Perunna, Changanacherry. K. Kelappan Nair was the first President and Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai the secretary. Apart from them the twelve other founder members were:

(1) Panagottu Kesava Panicker (2) N.C. Thrivikrama Kaimal (3) Kakkanad Narayana Panicker (4) Panakkattu Parameswara Kurup (5) Nagavallil Kochukunju Kurup (6) Padinjarekattu Krishna Pillai (7) Kottanattil Padmanabha Pillai (8) Pallupurath Narayana Pillai (9) Pothuvadathu Padmanabha Pillai (10) Valparambil Velayudhan Pillai (11) Kondur Krishna Pillai (12) Thaliyil Madhavan Pillai.

Kappana Kannan Menon (Thalassery) who was then the Headmaster of St. Berkmen High School Changanacherry suggested the name wherein K. Kelappan Nair  was also a teacher. This name was chosen in the beginning in the model of Servants Of India Society that was prevalent in those days under the stewardship of Gopalakrishna Gokhale and N.M. Dravid, G,K. Devdhar, A.V. Patwardhan, Ranade like veterans on national level.

Nairs before NSS In his childhood, Mannathu Padmanabhan was greatly influenced in social movements by the eminent Lawyer Govinda Pillai of Kainikara house situated adjacent to Chiramuttam and Mannathu houses wherein the former (Mannam) was born and brought up. On the day of performance of the last rituals followed by the untimely demise of Sri. Kainikkara Govinda Pillai, in accomplishment of his unfulfilled desires and in his loving memory,  the Nair community members of the locality assembled over there decided  to form a Nairs organization;  and they named it as  “Perunna East Nair Samajam”. Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai was elected as its first secretary.  It was in the year 1910 (1086). They later constructed a Mandiram (an office) for this Samajam and its foundation stone was laid by His Holiness Thirthapada Paramahamsar.This organization was second of its kind in Kerala, the first being Ayiroor Nayar Samajam in Pathanamthitta District (then Quilon) that was registered in the year 1909 (1085). The other eminent Nair community reformers renowned of those days were C. Krishna Pillai, C.V.Raman Pillai, P.Thanu Pillai, K. Paramu Pillai, Swami Theertha Pada ParamaHamsar, Kappana Kannan Menon, K. Kelappan Nair, Mahilamandiram K. Chinnamma.

Nair Organizations before NSS Other social organizations formed in those days were:

1. Nair Purushartha Sadhini Sabha (Founded by Swami Thirthapadar)

2. Malayalee Social Union that was later renamed as Malayalee Sabha in 1886 during the reign of Maharaja Visakham Thirunal.

3. Daily Newspaper "Malayalee", its chief editor C.V.Raman Pillai.

These organizations had not survived too long. In Jan 1905, Keraleeya Nayar Samajam was formed and it was registered under company act in 1912 under the leadership of C. Krishna Pillai as the President and C.V. Raman Pillai as the Secretary. Today's System of Nair Karayogams was the great idea and vision of TheerthaPada Swamikal (Poorvasrama Name: North Paroor, Madathil, Narayana Kurup). C. Krishna Pillai was its staunch supporter. The organization was focusing on

1. Abolition of Namboothiri Sambandham, Thalikettu Kalyanam and other various regressive customs prevailed in that age;

2. Promotion of agriculture, commerce and industry activities among Nair community members.

Unfortunately, due to difference of opinion in the leadership, this organization also could not accomplish its mission and was later divided into two groups."Samastha Kerala Nayar Samajam" was thus formed anew under the President ship of C. Krishna Pillai, whose blessings were always with Mannathu Padmanabhan in his unmatched majestic endeavors in fulfillment of the community services ahead. Both the Keraleeya Nayar Samajam and Samastha Kerala Nayar Samajam gradually demised when Nair Service Society started its endless expansions under the captainship of Mannathu Padmanabhan.

Nair Bhrithya Jana Sangham was later renamed as Nair Service Society under the scholastic advice of the great personality K. Paramu Pillai who was the first person to have had achieved M.A. degree in Kerala history (He was later known as M.A. Paramu Pillai).

Global NSS 
Thousands of Nairs have immigrated to various parts of the world. There has been only little effort, outside Kerala our home state, to bring the Nair families together. Global NSS is founded mainly for building a platform for all Nairs to join together. We shall not forget our home or family where we were born, and we should not abandon the community whom we are a part of. We must take the challenge to safeguard the rich heritage of our community and share those with our generation and pass it on to the coming generations. 
Global NSS is founded on the strong ideals exhibited by our great leader "Mannathu Padmanabhan" and renowned Guru Sri "Chattampi Swamikal". Nair Service Society under the great leadership of Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan has conquered all areas of social, cultural, economical, educational, industrial segments and revived our community as a whole from the depth of chaos indeed from the bitterness our numerous destructive customs. Yet the Nair community in Kerala falls behind in any aspects. Nairs settled around the Globe are resourceful, and talented to make this change. Global NSS is formed and founded on this commitment, which would have no parallel to it. Global NSS can accelerate the Nair spirit to go at par and beyond other communities and their accomplishments. Nairs around the Globe can be the catalyst to show the world that Nairs are not lagged behind in any spheres. Global NSS is aimed to follow the great footsteps of our leader, show our descendants the tradition and culture of our Nair community, and to lead us to victory and success.

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